At first glance these works appear abstract but they are not. Shadow and depth and use of technique mainly reserved for representational work take them out of the realm of abstraction. I am striving too go beyond the abstract. I hope by these techniques I can give my paintings soul so  the viewer can see my vision and at the same time the piece remains outside of the realm of image making. I think of these paintings as inventions as I am drawing from most art that has come before these paintings.  Several influences that have inspired me are Calder and Frank Stella’s sculpture.


In my abstract work as well as my realism, I feel that there are no boundaries. Every painting is a place where art has taken me and a place I wanted to explore. What the viewer sees is the reason I went to that place and the expression of what I found. I’m showing the viewer what got me excited, because there are so many places and so many ideas.

Thank you for taking a moment to look at my work. I truly hope I connect with you through my paintings. Also see .